Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Update! (part 1)

I've been seriously slacking with the blog updates, but to be honest.... that initial ambition that we had to get everything done faded pretty fast!

We did manage to get the front of the house painted and ripped out those dying/overgrown bushes. I think it makes the house look just a tad bigger. Dreadding digging those stumps out come spring, though. Maybe they'll die on their own over the winter??? A girl can dream...

And Justin and his dad installed our new garage door, which I think ups the curb appeal dramatically. I love it!
Still waiting on one part for the electric opener to be installed, but we'll get there.
If we hadn't bought each other kayaks for Christmas on Black Friday, there would have actually been room for a car in the garage this winter!
PS - Look at that sweet wreath that we made from trimming the juniper bush out back!

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