Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Update! (part 2)

And now, for the kitchen update. (yes, we still aren't finished nearly 10 months later!)

But we are getting a lot closer!

Justin's brother came up and installed our new kitchen window - which we wanted to get done before installing the backsplash tile. Even though everyone tried to talk me out of a casement window, I'm so glad that we ended up going with it. I love the unobstructed view to the backyard and it makes me want ALL new windows!! That might actually be the next big project we take on :) Gotta get those tax credits when we can!

And I FINALLY picked a color for the kitchen. It's a shade of white, but has just enough silver/grey tint to contrast w/the white furniture and trim. It is a different color depending on the time of day, and even though it's not Justin's favorite, I think it is slowly winning him over. Plus I like how it doesn't battle with the orange in the living room.

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