Monday, January 26, 2009

Let There Be Light, part II

I dont think that there is one piece of furniture in our house that was purchased new, and I'm hoping we can continue that trend.
A couple weeks ago I found a vitage lamp on craigslist and really liked the shape of it. The tan color, though, not so much, but at $5 the price was right. I was inspired by a "before & after" posting on design*sponge's blog and thought - HEY! I can do that!
It still needs a new lamp shade, but for now it is doing a fine job of illuminating a dark corner of the living room. The blue is the after.

Justin's dad visited this weekend and we were also able to finally wire up the pendant light I wrote about in this post.

Little by little we are getting there! We're working on kitchen paint colors, too. You can see the swatches I tried out this weekend on the upper right part of the wall. Not crazy about either of them, but I think we are getting closer.

It's going to look so pretty with the corner bench Justin is planning to build. I'm still on the hunt for two chairs that would finish off the area, and I'm sure that with enough patience I'll find something that will fit.

I'm starting to worry that everything is blue or orange or white in the house and I need some additional accents!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

toe picks and hockey stops

Because we didn't get the predicted 10 inches today, Justin and I did double time on the shoveling and cleared a skating space on the Res. FINALLY it has stayed cold enough for the ice to freeze!

Wish the VT kids were here to show us how it's done!

Invites to the skating party going out SOON!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kitchen or Bust

We finally ordered our cabinets! It was def. a good move to hold off on ripping out the kitchen right away. We were able to do the proper research and make sure that we knew exactly what we wanted.

Our appliances have been in the garage for about... oh six months now. And soon the cabinets will be here!!!

I finally feel like things are underway!

Despite what we were originally thinking, we went with maple cabinets with a honey stain. We were hoping for the lightest possible wood, and we were advised against going with natural because of some fading possibilities.

We still need to finalize flooring, paint color and pick out the sink and faucet, but I am SO EXCITED.

Here is a picture of the cabinets we ordered - ours will actually be a shade lighter than this. We are going with a white quartz countertop also, so you can get an idea of how it will look with the island in the foreground.

Here is how the final design ended up coming together - we ended up going with option #2 and are planning to wall off the pass-through on the end of the kitchen to create a U shape.

The upper cabinet to the right of the sink will actually have only two glass doors.

Any suggestions for paint colors?!?! I need something that will coexist with the orange in the living room! The orange is Sherwin Williams "papaya"